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Referee Garth DeFelice Ejection Of 49ers' Justin Smith: Video and Analysis

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In an fairly hideous evening of football, one of the lowlights was seeing 49ers good guy Justin Smith ejected after he pushed NFL referee Garth DeFelice. The rule book is clear that if a referee calls a player for unnecessary roughness against an official it results in an automatic ejection from the game. After the game Justin Smith acknowledged that he understood the rule, but he did not realize it was a referee he was shoving.


Over at Niners Nation I took a few minutes to go into some detail about the problem I have with DeFelice's general demeanor in officiating games. He dropped a St. Louis Rams player with what I would not consider to be a "defensive" maneuver to prevent getting hurt. Head on over to the link above to view that video. In the meantime, here's video of Smith's ejection. Feel free to analyze as you would like.