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49ers-Chargers: Chargers Add a Field Goal--49ers Get On The Board

The 49ers had not given up on this game. After receiving the kickoff that was the result of the Chargers touchdown, which put them ahead 31-0, Alex Smith hit Tedd Ginn for 9 yards and then Josh Morgan for a 19. The two completions put them out to the Chargers 44 yard line. This is where the drive stalled.

The Niners found themselves in a 4th and 11 situation and they went for it. Alex Smith was picked off. The Chargers then inserted some of their back-ups, including QB Billy Volek. Volek was able to lead them to a first down and they then kicked a 39 yard field goal to make it 34-0. There is currently just over four minutes left and the 49ers have just cracked the scoreboard.

Brian Westbrook goes up the gut for a two yard touchdown run. It is now 34-7 with 4:26 until this one is over.