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49ers-Chargers: The Chargers Offense Keeps Rolling, 31-0

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In what is becoming the mantra for this game, Vincent Jackson is making up for lost time. With a 24 point lead in the fourth quarter the Chargers began running the ball more, but facing a third down deep in the 49ers territory, they went back to the air. Philip Rivers again found Vincent Jackson, who caught the ball, turned and lunged forward while extending the ball as he was getting tackled out of bounds.

After a review of the play, it was confirmed that the ball did indeed catch a piece of the pylon. It was a 21 yard touchdown pass. The third of the day for Rivers. All three of Rivers touchdown passes have been to Jackson. Jackson now has five catches for 112 yards to go with his three touchdowns.

Meanwhile, the 49ers offense is having a hard time avoiding three and outs let alone putting up points. They will start their drive after the Chargers touchdown on the 33-yard line, with 11:59 to go in the fourth quarter.