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49ers-Chargers: Chargers Extend Lead to 24-0

Tedd Ginn Jr. and the San Diego Chargers’ Special Teams tried to get the 49ers off to a roaring start in the second half. Ginn took the opening kickoff of the second half to the house, but it was all for not as the yellow laundry descended onto the field and likely took the 49ers hopes of a comeback with it. The call was a face mask on the return teams. So, instead of a touchdown the 49ers started inside their own 20 yard line.

The Chargers forced a three and out and then began to march down the field with relative ease. The 49ers almost forced a huge turnover on downs, but Mike Tolbert just crossed the line of gain, a line that happened to be on the 49ers one-yard line. Two plays later Mike Tolbert rushed over the right side of his offensive line and into the endzone for a touchdown. It is now 24-0 Chargers.