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49ers-Chargers: Chargers Begin To Take Over, 17-0 at the Half

The 49ers are having a hard time consistently moving the football. When this is the case, you cannot blow redzone opportunities. This is exactly whatt the Niners did when they got second life on a leverage call against the Chargers found them with a fresh set of downs in the redzone. They ended the drive with zero points after being turned away on the goal line.

For the Chargers, the passing game is taking over. The 49ers are not getting adequate pressure on Rivers and he is making them pay. They put another touchdown on the board right before half on an 11-yard pass to, who else, Vincent Jackson. Jackson is making up for lost time in this one. Going into halftime he has four catches for 91 yards and two touchdowns.

With lots of time to throw the ball, Philip Rivers is carving up the 49ers defense. He is 13 for 18 with 196 yards and two touchdowns. The Charger running game is an afterthought at this point. Yet, the 49er defense, that is now playing without Justin Smith, cannot get any pressure.

Josh Morgan leads the 49ers with four catches for 47 yards. After a solid start by Anthony Dixon on the ground, he has since been bottled up. He will go into halftime with 5 carries for 30 yards