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49ers-Chargers: Chargers Settle For Field Goal, 10-0 Chargers

Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson are wasting no time getting their groove back. After the goal line stand the Chargers are marched down the field. Mostly on the strength of the Rivers to Jackson connection. For Rivers, it appears to be no Gates, no Floyd, no Crayton, no problem. He is finding the open man, which more often than not has been Jackson.

Jackson narrowly missed a third down TD reception in the back of the endzone when part of his right foot landed out-of-bounds. The Chargers ended up settling for a 25-yard Nate Kaeding field goal. It is now 10-0 Chargers. The Chargers are increasingly reliant on the pass in this game. We will see if this continues now that they have a ten point lead.

Meanwhile, Justin Smith remains on the 49ers sideline. He is, however about to be have his field-level tickets revoked as he will be escorted to the locker room. Smith was ejected for making contact with an official.