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49ers-Chargers: Defense Settles In, Chargers Make Goalline Stand, 7-0 Chargers

After a rocky start for the 49er defense, they have settled in. Vincent Jackson got things off to a fast start for the Chargers by hauling in a jump ball pass that resulted in a 58 yard touchdown. Since then the 49ers have held them scoreless.

The problem for the 49ers is they are having their own problems moving the ball. They are in the middle of their best drive as the first quarter came to a close. They faced a third and 8 to open the second quarter, but could not convert. Alex Smith was flushed out of the pocket and threw the ball out of the endzone.

The 49ers did manage to convert on the field goal. Oh wait, as I type this the Chargers special teams makes its presence felt once again as they manage to pick-up a personal foul penalty to give the 49ers a fresh set of downs in the redzone.

Alex Smith was again flushed out of the pocket on third down. Only this time he takes it to the house himself. The play is called a touchdown, but Norv Turner chucks his red challenge flag onto the field. The play is overturned, setting up fourth and goal from the inch line. The 49ers hand it off up the gut to Anthony Dixon and is stuffed. Chargers ball.