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49ers-Chargers: Vincent Jackson Wastes No Time, 7-0 Chargers

Well, that didn’t take long. Vincent Jackson is the freshest player on the field. After essentially having missed the entire season so far with contract issues, a suspension for a DUI offense and then an injury, he scored an early touchdown on the Chargers first series. Philip Rivers took a seven-step drop and spotted Jackson deep down the right sideline with one-on-one coverage and did nothing, but throw up a jump ball.

Jackson made it look easy. He came down with the ball and Nate Clements could do nothing to stop it. Not only did Clements fail to tip the ball, but he also failed to get a hand on Jackson. Jackson walked the remaining 12 yards into the endzone.

In the backfield for the Chargers, the struggling rookie Ryan Mathews got the start. Mathews has struggled with fumbles and pass protection this season. It is apparent that the 49ers will need to get some pressure on Rivers as this game goes on.