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NFL Fantasy Football Week 15: San Francisco 49ers Start 'em or Sit 'em

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Last week, the fantasy advice hovered around "pretty solid," but there were some incorrect predictions here and there. Against the Chargers though, things are a bit harder to predict. Both teams are inconsistent, but San Diego seems to be more inconsistently inconsistent, it seems. Let's take a look at what we're dealing with, shall we?

QB Alex Smith

Alex is coming off the best statistical game of his career, or something close to it. To expect the same thing just a few days later is a little silly, but to expect the same thing just a few days later against the San Diego Chargers? That's just ludicrous, honestly. Up against the league's best defense overall, and the third best passing defense? It's a no brainer, here.

Sit Alex Smith

RB Brian Westbrook

Things look a little bit better for Westbrook, but not by much. The Chargers have the seventh-ranked rushing defense and he can do some good things, but you can't bank on him to do so. If you have options that are even a little bit better, go with them.

Sit Brian Westbrook

WR Michael Crabtree/WR Josh Morgan

Morgan had himself a big game against the Seahawks, and Crabtree caught one ball. My gut tells me that Crabtree will have a big game for one reason or another, but he's definitely not the smart pick at this point. He's been nonexistent this year and will likely remain as such.

Sit both Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan

TE Vernon Davis

Davis could be poised for a big game, the 49ers will likely open up the offense and he could be a valuable target. Still, I feel as though Alex will be targeting deep threats and other, lesser-known targets like Ted Ginn Jr. and Delanie Walker. The 49ers offense is swept while you ...

Sit Vernon Davis

49ers Defense

This game will be a low scoring affair. The 49ers need a win to stay in things (technically still in if they lose, but can control their own destiny) and their defense will have to be what holds the fort. San Diego boasts the league's third best in total offense and San Francisco is the 12th best defense altogether. Still, you can look for the 49ers defense to step it up big time on primetime and hold this game down.

Start the 49ers Defense