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Pro Bowl Voting 2011: Three Oakland Raiders Lead Their Positions

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As voting for the 2011 Pro Bowl enters its final week, the Oakland Raiders have three players leading at their respective positions. Nnamdi Asomugha leads AFC cornerbacks with 243,816 votes, Shane Lechler leads AFC punters with 130,279 votes, and Sebastian Janikowski leads AFC kickers with 126,405 votes. Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles is the current pro bowl voting leader among players with 981,687 votes, with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning following him at second and third. The top ten vote-getters are all quarterbacks and running backs.


The 49ers do not have anybody leading, but will likely have players in close running. As of last week, Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis were running second at their respective positions. The current leader at NFC tight end is Tony Gonzalez, while Brian Urlacher leads NFC inside linebackers with 226,693 votes. If you want to help vote any of these players, or other 49ers and Raiders into the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl, you can vote over at The system is set up so you don't have to vote for every single position but rather can vote for whatever you want. So you could submit a ton of votes just for Andy Lee, Patrick Willis, and Vernon Davis, and be done with it. So, head on over and vote.