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Brett Favre's Consecutive Game Streak Ends: 49ers Justin Smith Carries His Own And Isn't Hated

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The big news yesterday was the Vikings decision to deactivate Brett Favre thus snapping his 297 game streak of consecutive starts made. He claims he couldn't help the team at this point with the injury, but given his apparent ego and the ridiculous nature of this streak, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when that decision was made and who in the Vikings made the final call.

The 49ers have a player with his own impressive consecutive games streak. Justin Smith has now started 152 consecutive games dating back to his rookie season in 2001. Smith's streak is third among defensive players and with Favre's streak finished now sixth among all NFL players. The number one streak now is Peyton Manning who apparently would need five more seasons to match Favre.

The upside to having a guy like Justin Smith is that he's a good guy who is a real lunch-pail type of worker. Brett Favre developed into a high drama player that brought less and less to the table as each year passed. Justin Smith on the other hand is a guy that just handles his business no questions asked. He's quietly been a leader on this defense and one of the more underrated defensive players in the NFL. Here's an interview with him earlier this season.