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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: 49ers, Raiders Like Pinballs At This Point

The 2010 NFL season has seen a lot of inconsistencies from the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers and the NFL Power Rankings continue to reflect that as we head into Week 15. SB Nation released their weekly power rankings and the 49ers seem to rise and fall two spots each week while the Raiders are rising and falling approximately four spots each week. It’s almost like clockwork. Throw in the fact that they’re now winning and losing in opposite cycles and it’s somehow becoming rather predictable.

Oakland Raiders
18. Oakland Raiders (6-7): Only the Raiders could lose that game against the Jaguars. This team has made incredible strides but it appears it likely won’t be enough to get into the playoffs. LW: 14

Even with a game up on the 49ers, it would appear the Raiders playoff chances are growing slimmer and slimmer. They’ve shown great improvement in 2010, but at two games out with three to go it’s going to be tough. Of course, if they’re a game out heading into Week 17 at Kansas City I wouldn’t put anything past them. After all they swept San Diego this year and became the first team to hang an L on Norv Turner in December.

San Francisco 49ers
24. San Francisco 49ers (5-8): The 49ers are 5-8 and one game out of first place. Believe it or not, they’ve got a chance. It starts Thursday night against the Chargers. LW: 26

This has been arguably the most bizarre 49ers season ever. They get destroyed one week by Green Bay and then bounce back to destroy the Seahawks. They’re 5-8 but still hanging around the NFC West race. They could win this week and be tied for first, they could lose this week and be out of the playoff race entirely (if Seattle and St. Louis both win), or they could somewhere in between. It’s just crazy times in San Francisco.