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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 14: San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Review

Well, the fantasy advice wasn't totally up to par this week, but let's review how the 49ers players did regardless.

QB Alex Smith

We said that Alex may be poised for a big game this week, but that we'd go with caution and sit him this time out. So naturally, he responds with his best statistical game of his career. 17-for-27 for 255 yards and three touchdowns against zero interceptions.

Outlook: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Start 'em

RB Anthony Dixon

He produced better than Brian Westbrook did when it came to running, but Westbrook added almost 100 yards receiving and a touchdown reception. He did see more carries than Westbrook, as predicted, but the 'Hawks had a good run defense going throughout the game.

Outlook: Start 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

TE Vernon Davis

Davis ended up blocking a lot, as predicted, but it didn't stop him from grabbing the game's first touchdown with a 42-yard reception, nor the other four catches for a total of 70 yards on the day.

Outlook: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Start 'em

WR Michael Crabtree

He caught one pass and had no yardage. He saw two go off his hands and they were pretty well-thrown balls. He was eclipsed by second receiver Josh Morgan, who caught three passes for 82 yards and a touchdown. Oops.

Outlook: Start 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

49ers Defense

The advice was to start them, and they came up big. They allowed some garbage time yards late in the game with a few big passes and eventually a touchdown, but they forced five turnovers with a fumble recovery and four interceptions. Dashon Goldson had himself a forty-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Outlook: Start 'em, Hindsight: Start 'em