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The NFL On FOX Debuts Dramatic Music During Seahawks-49ers Game

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Thanks to our brothers over at SB Nation Seattle for the heads-up on this one.

Apparently FOX decided to experiment with some new beats during the Seattle-San Francisco game. I'm starting to think that all of FOX's experiments with the NFL will start on hideous NFC West matchups, since there will be approximately no one they care about watching the games. I have no idea where they picked up these tunes--they seemed like rejected beats from a bad blockbuster sequel, or actual tunes from a video game. Maybe the next trick will be to give us all consoles to give us the illusion of controlling the players on the field.

So what type of beats did we get? Well, there was a flashback of Leon Washington getting tripped by the Carolina Panthers punter, which was a sign to cue the up-beat merengue tunes. The Seahawks lined up at the line of scrimmage down 40-14, allowing the production crew to channel some adventure music, because I'm guessing a 26 point deficit would be one hell of a video game level. Then a lot of drums on an incompletion. Then cue up the NFL Films music on a nice throw by Matt Hasselbeck to Deon Butler (maybe they should have opened up the NFL Films vault for this one, because their music is WAY better than this sideshow).

Check it out for yourself after the jump.

Ridiculous in-game soundtrack during Seahawks at 49ers (via Toastercookie)