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49ers vs. Seahawks: Alex Smith, Vernon Davis Connect To Give San Francisco 7-0 Lead

The San Francisco 49ers decision to switch to Alex Smith paid early dividends as he connected with Vernon Davis on a 42 yard touchdown pass to give the 49ers an early 7-0 lead on the Seatlle Seahawks. Smith and Davis hooked up earlier on a 21 yard reception on third down.

The boo-birds were out early as Alex Smith had a couple tough incompletions to start the game. However, the hook-up with Davis got a first down and the offense seemed to settle down at that point. Brian Westbrook grabbed a first down on two rushes and then Smith and Davis hooked up for another touchdown. Smith leads the NFL in percentage of touchdown passes to one player. Seattle will look to contain Davis today, but I’d imagine the 49ers will look to go to that well frequently today.

The 49ers find themselves in an elimination game against the Seahawks today. If the 49ers lose they’ll be eliminated from playoff consideration, while if they win they could move to within a game of first in the NFC West. Oh the wacky, wacky NFC West.

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