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NFL Playoff Picture: The 49ers And The Absurdity Of The NFC West

Here's one that doesn't ever get old, regardless of how many times you might say it: they're only a couple games back. Sitting with a paltry 4-8 record, the 49ers are actually within range of making the playoffs. That's this season; this season the 49ers can make the playoffs.

But it's not likely to happen, nor is it really even considered a huge goal for a portion of San Francisco's fanbase. You'll hear a lot of fans talking about possible head coaching options for next year, potential draft picks and the like. Either way, the overarching point here is that the NFC West is bad. Just how bad? I'm going to make up a word to describe just how bad it is: kadaverific. That's right. Kadaverific.

The 49ers sit two games back of the NFC West lead, behind the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams. The Arizona Cardinals are three games back and not likely to make any impact. The Rams have a tough game against the New Orleans Saints, while the Seahawks are facing off against the Bay's own 49ers at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The Niners don't necessarily control their own destiny here, but they've got a fighting chance to win out and make things happen, much to the chagrin of Brian Billick.