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Bay Area Athlete Of The Day: 49ers RB Brian Westbrook

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I'm a big fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" both the American and British versions. It's the show where "everything's made up and the points don't matter." That's right folks, the points do not matter, but I don't feel like it's complete without them. Using the points as a segue tied everything in as it should be, and that made me enjoy them. When points were not handed out, needless to say - I was not a happy camper.

So I'm a bit of a stickler for not-so-prestigious awards, but I think you guys can deal. Each day, I'll be taking a look at one player in Bay Area sports from the previous day and spotlighting their achievements in a blog post. I'll dub them the Bay Area Athlete of the Day, and we can all reminisce about just how awesome said player is/was.

Today, I'm singing the praises of 49ers running back Brian Westbrook, and naming him the Bay Area Athlete of the Day. Let's talk about it after the jump.

For starters, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27 - 6. Frank Gore had himself a few carries before being pulled due to a hip injury, which brought in the not-so-often-used Brian Westbrook. The 49ers coaching staff had been adamant that, yes they'd love to get Westbrook some carries, but nothing lined up correctly for him to do so. Well, now they had no choice.

Westbrook responded to the sudden surge of playing time and carries in a big way, carrying the ball 23 times for 136 yards and a touchdown, his first 100+ yard game since December of 2008. This is a guy who was supposed to be done for, the Eagles let him walk because he didn't have much left in the tank. Other teams passed on him initially due to injury concerns, and nobody knew just how much he could bring before he trailed off.

He certainly looked fresh against the Cardinals. I rarely saw him tackled on first contact, and I always saw him making the most out of every carry. He was elusive, fast and he ran hard. Westbrook was absolutely taking names for the 49ers yesterday, and for that he deserves to be dubbed the Bay Area Athlete Of The Day. With Frank Gore now out for the season, it will fall onto Westbrook to be the starter throughout the rest of the games.