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49ers vs Cardinals, Monday Night Football: 49ers Are Having Thier Way

The 49ers continue to dominate the Cardinals in all areas of the game. They extended their lead on a Shane Andrus 38-yard field goal. The field goal capped a six play drive that was highlighted by a 19-yard run by Brian Westbrook. The kick gave the 49ers a 24-6 lead.

The Cardinals and 49ers settled any doubt about the outcome of this contest on the ensuing possession. Derek Anderson threw into double coverage and was intercepted by Takeo Spikes. The 49ers will have the ball and look to run out the clock and put this game out of its misery as the fourth quarter starts.

Brian Westbrook may be the only person left who is not ready for this one to end. For Westbrook, it is just like old times. Westbrook has not looked this good since he was a Philadelphia Eagle. Entering the fourth Westbrook has 20 carries for 131 yards and one touchdown.