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49ers vs Cardinals, Monday Night Football: Frank Gore Out With Hip Injury--49ers Rolling

Frank Gore has been sidelined with a hip injury. It has not slowed down the 49ers. The 49ers rushing attack is having their way with the Cardinals defense. The 49ers have 128 yards on 22 carries. Brian Westbrook leads the way with 13 carries for 66 yards. The 49ers rushing attack and great field position has helped them open up a 21-6 halftime lead.

The 49ers added to their first quarter lead on an 8-yard touchdown run by Brian Westbrook. Westbrook’s TD run capped a six play drive that began on the Cardinals 42 yard line. The 49ers were once again given great field position by a Tedd Ginn Jr. return. This time it was a 42-yard punt return. The key play in the drive was a 16 yard Troy Smith pass over the middle to TE Vernon Davis.

The Cardinals answered with their own 11 play drive, but once again they were held to only a field goal. Derek Anderson and Larry Fitzgerald almost combined for a touchdown, but Fitzgerald was unable to keep possession of his leaping grab once he hit the ground and the defender hit him.

The 49ers were moving the ball, looking to add onto the lead before halftime when Troy Smith's pass bounced off of Michael Crabtree’s hands and into the hands of the Cardinals. The Cardinals failed to capitalize on the turnover. They went three and out. The missed opportunity to gain momentum was greeted with a chorus of boos from the Arizona crowd.