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49ers vs Cardinals, Monday Night Football: 49ers Take Advantage of Great Field Position

The 49ers have jumped out to an early lead 7-0 lead on the Arizona Cardinals. Michael Crabtree hauled in a 38-yard Troy Smith pass in the endzone for the score. The touchdown came on the second 49er's drive. Frank Gore found success in the 49ers first drive with four carries for 43 yards, but the drive ended on a missed 43-yard field goal by 49ers kicker Shane Andrus.

Andrus was let off the hook immediately when Derek Anderson fumbled on the very next play. The 49ers wasted no time taking advantage of the turnover. The first play, Troy Smith connected with Michael Crabtree for the 38-yard touchdown.

The Cardinals answered with their own six play drive into the redzone, but stalled out and settled for a 31-yard field goal. The big play was a 41 yard reception by Chris Beanie Wells.

The 49ers Tedd Ginn Jr. promptly returned the kickoff 41-yards. The 49ers took advantage of the field position and marched into the endzone on a 3rd down run. The 49ers take a 14-3 lead into the 2nd quarter.