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Fantasy Football Week 12: San Francisco 49ers Start 'em or Sit 'em

When the San Francisco 49ers play the Arizona Cardinals on primetime, nobody can tell you what's going to happen. Most Fantasy Football lists don't even touch on the Cardinals or the 49ers this week, either because they just don't care about these two 3-7 teams anymore, or they're just not touching that. Well, it's my job to talk about it, so let's get to it.

QB Troy Smith

The 49ers offense should have a big day, and with a less conservative gameplan, Troy Smith should be allowed to open up and be a fantasy juggernaut this week. However, what should happens is almost never what actually happens with the Niners, and I can't in good conscious recommend you start Troy unless your other options are lacking considerably.

Sit Troy Smith

RB Frank Gore

Gore is a player I was wrong on last week, but I won't be this week. Gore doesn't always have the best of his days against the Cardinals. Darnell Docket has Frank's number, and it seems like he's the subject of more tackles for loss against the Cards than he is with any other team. Frank Gore is not the guy to go with this week in fantasy football.

Sit Frank Gore

TE Vernon Davis

Vernon may be limited on Monday, but I still fully expect him to have a big game. It's a rivalry, and that means Davis is going to be pumped. A pumped Vernon Davis is always a good bet in fantasy. The Cardinals bring out the best in him, and I expect Troy Smith to find him more often than naught.

Start Vernon Davis

WR Michael Crabtree

I feel the same way about Crabtree as I do Vernon. Crabtree has all the tools to be a great wide receiver, but he's rather streaky. Against the Cardinals, I expect him to be pumped and I expect Troy Smith to find him. Crabtree should have a big game. I would start him

I would start Michael Crabtree

49ers Defense

The Niners defense came up big against Arizona last year, could they do it again this year? Yeah, they probably can. It's primetime, it's a rivalry, and the same guys are still there. These teams always find a way to come up big against one another, and I expect some takeaways for the 49ers defense.

Start 49ers Defense