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Josh McDaniels, Broncos Fined $50,000 Apiece For Illegal Videotaping of 49ers

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Josh McDaniels finds himself embroiled in yet another illegal video-taping scandal. The Broncos reported to the NFL that team video director Steve Scarneccia taped footage of the 49ers October 30 practice at Wembley Stadium and gave it to coach Josh McDaniels. Although the NFL investigation indicates McDaniels did not view the tape, he was fined for failure to report the incident immediately (nothing was brought up until November 8). The Broncos were fined because they are ultimately responsible for their actions.


Seve Scarneccia was involved in Spygate between the Patriots and Jets and the NFL is considering a lifetime ban from the NFL. However, as the folks at Mile High Report are discussing, the odds of this being a one-man operation can't be that high. At the very least this indicates that McDaniels has some problems in his judgment.


At the very least, was it really necessary to video-tape the 49ers practice? They certainly aren't going to surprise with their punch 'em in the mouth offense.