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2010 NFL Pro Bowl: 49ers Safety Taylor Mays Proves It's A Popularity Contest

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If there was any doubt about the recognition that comes from the NFL Pro Bowl, 49ers safety Taylor Mays is currently proving it is first and foremost a popularity contest. There is a month left in voting but at the present time, Mays is fifth among ALL strong safeties in votes. Mays has certainly shown some skills in this his rookie year as he worked his way into the starting lineup in the week four game at Atlanta. He actually led the team in tackles that day and had a spectacular touchdown recovery on a blocked punt.


However, he has since seen his playing time decreased and has been replaced in the starting lineup by Reggie Smith. Struggles were certainly expected his rookie year as he learns the ins and outs of pass coverage, among other things. But to see him ranking fifth among all strong safeties is absolutely amazing. The Pro Bowl usually has some of the best players in the league playing, but that's certainly not always the case. I don't think Mays will be able to surpass LaRon Landry anytime soon but it'd be pretty funny if he somehow ended up getting a starting spot. If you want to contribute to the cause, head over and vote for Taylor Mays!