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Brad Childress Fired In Minnesota, Is Mike Singletary Next To Go?

Brad Childress has been one of the most criticized coaches in the NFL of late, right next to the 49ers' own Mike Singletary. Their teams are similar, with some young playmakers aside dependable veterans. Most notably, a 31-3 defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers looks pretty darn similar to a 21-0 shutout at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Childress is out following that loss, SB Nation has some coverage on that. The Vikings were favorites to win the Super Bowl on a number of boards, but have fallen short of expectations and are just short of being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Sounds a lot like the Bay Area's own San Francisco 49ers, don't you think? They had playoff hopes, they were favored to win the division and perhaps do some damage in the playoffs, and now they sit, only hanging in "contention," by the loosest definition of the word.

The 49ers also play the Packers on Dec. 5, a date Singletary should be circling on his motivational calender. Green Bay now has a "history," if you will of getting head coaches sacked. Wade Phillips was done in Dallas after a loss to the Pack, and now Childress is gone just shortly after signing a three-year extension through 2013. Mike Singletary is already on the hot seat and it's a foregone conclusion for a lot of folks that he will be gone.

Does he go when the 49ers play the Arizona Cardinals this week? Does he last the season? Or does Green Bay strike again and send Mike Singletary packing? We'll have to wait and see. Oh and, props to Adam Schefter for this gem of a tweet:

So I guess Brett Favre can now drive Brad Childress to the airport.less than 20 seconds ago via ÜberTwitter