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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: 49ers Gaining Ground Around The Internet

As NFL power rankings were rolled out this week it shouldn’t be surprising that a 49ers victory over the Rams would lead to a nice little boost for the 49ers. Over at Niners Nation, we run through six different power rankings each week just to get a little taste of what’s going on. The six rankings are ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, The Big Lead, Pro Football Talk, and Fanhouse’s NFL page.

This week the 49ers climbed an average of three spots from 27.17 to 24.17 courtesy of the their victory over the Rams. The primary reason for this big change was the combination of the 49ers own win and some key losses around the league. The three biggest contributors were the Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions. The three of them were generally ahead of the 49ers in the rankings and came crashing down behind them in most rankings this week.

The 49ers biggest gain among those six was at CBS Sports where they improved from 27 to 22. Their smallest gain came courtesy of The Big Lead where they improved from 26 to 25.