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Williams Hurts Middle Finger Catching A Punt At Practice

Kyle Williams hurt his middle finger catching a punt in practice Wednesday. There are so many puns that can come from this. Williams shouldn’t be catching punts anyway, I’ve sprained my middle finger staring at the TV set during Niners games, etc etc. Readers at had a field day: “I got a middle finger issue too and it is stuck in the same position and pointing in the same direction,” “Catching a punt? In practice? Blimey. Just cut the dang thing off there Kyle and get on the field.” Followed by, “Ronnie Lott would.”

This, of course, opens up the punt and kick return duties to Ted Ginn Jr., who should return this week and looks very stoic in his SB Nation photo. The Niners rank 31st in kick returns (that’s second-to-last) and 17th in punt returns this season.

And as David White points out, hopefully the Niners find a way to get Brian Westbrook on the field in the next game. Eagles coach Andy Reid said Westbrook “may be the smartest player he’s ever coached.” But, then again, having a smart guy in the huddle might disrupt Niner team chemistry.