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Taylor Mays "Hayes" Impresses

I think it’s safe to say 2010 second-round draft pick Taylor Mays made the most of his opportunity Sunday against the Falcons. The former USC safety tacked on 11 tackles and made a huge play for the Niners, catching a blocked punt in the end zone while toeing the line. Coach Mike Singletary said Mays made only one mental mistake in his first start. Not bad, I’ll take one mental mistake on defense and one mental mistake on offense from this team any day.

Mays was considered a reach when the Niners selected him in the second round, but there’s no denying the speed and athleticism of the 6’3", 230-pound free safety. Hence the nickname, Taylor Mays “Hayes.” After Willie Mays Hayes of course. If you don’t know who Willie Mays Hayes is, I don’t know you.