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49ers Can't Get It Done Again, Lose Fourth Straight In Atlanta

The 49ers got off to a fast start but it was all downhill from their. New offensive coordinator Mike Johnson appeared to have a good gameplan throughout, which is a good sign for the team, but the players couldn't execute it as well as they should have. Quarterback Alex Smith went 21-of-32 with a touchdown to tight end Vernon Davis, but gave away two picks in enemy territory.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter, and Smith started playing well again, converting third downs and more. He was accurate, and stepped up in the pocket despite the pressure, but it all went south when he was immediately pressured on a third down play that took the 49ers out of field goal range, and from there, it was Atlanta.

They got the ball and started marching downfield, converting third downs - and then - a Nate Clements interception, who takes it all the way into the red zone before being caught up from behind while waiting for some blockers and stripped of the ball by wide receiver Roddy White.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan went 26-of-43 for 273 yards, while running back Michael Turner was held to 50 yards on 16 carries. Falcons kicker Matt Bryant was the reason they got ahead in the game, with nine points including the final three to put the Falcons up at the end of the game with seven seconds on the clock.

The Niners are 0-4 now, and have looked good in two of those outings, while looking atrocious in the other two. Is the season tanked?