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Mike Singletary: "I Still Believe We Can Go To The Playoffs"

After the San Francisco 49ers lost to possibly the worst team in the NFL, it's nice to know their head coach is still aiming big. Mike Singletary made it quite clear he hasn't given up on getting past sixteen games, even though his team is struggling just to win one (money quote at 6:45).

"But as far as our football team there's no doubt in my mind somehow someway that we will regroup and we'll keep fighting ... and we will... we're going to make a season of it. And I still believe we can go to the playoffs. I still believe we can get those things done. We just have to get the right things in place, and go from there."

Well, I'm sure this is what all Niners fans wanted to hear. It's nice to know that when you're 1-6 you can still be technically alive for the NFC West race, although the Seattle Seahawks victory over the Arizona Cardinals puts them three and a half games in the hole with seven to play (and an additional game tacked onto that, because Seattle has already beaten San Francisco). You might be starting David Carr next week because Alex Smith injured the same shoulder that already knocked him out of one season. And a sizable chunk of the fanbase is advocating that heads should roll.

Yet Singletary's still dreaming about January! San Francisco fans must be so happy that their head coach has the big picture in mind. Where's Jim Mora when you need him.