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49ers Give Up Big Play, Hold Strong On Fourth Down

The 49ers went three and out, losing a ton of yardage before punting to the Panthers in the fourth quarter, leading 20-13. The Panthers started with an incomplete pass, but then went deep and found David Gettis for 39 yards. Carolina then quickly worked themselves to a third down with four to go, and dumped it off to Mike Goodson, who was dropped for a three-yard loss by Patrick Willis.

They went for it on fourth down, and Gettis was open again - but dropped the wide open pass in the end zone and the 49ers took over. The 49ers lead 20-13 in the fourth quarter, and just went three-and-out. The Panthers will get the ball back with 4:40 to go in the game.

I found this tweet from the Merc's Dan Brown to be pretty hilarious:

Gettis, wide open in end zone, drops an easy one. Even Brooks Conrad makes that catch.

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