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49ers And Panthers Tied, Niners Get Penalized

The Panthers responded to the 49ers field goal with an 80-yard touchdown drive, albeit a drive aided by two questionable pass interference penalties and perhaps an early whistle on a loose ball. The Panthers opened the drive with a complete pass to Steve Smith for 21 yards, but quickly drew a third down. 49ers safety Taylor Mays was called on pass interference on a pass that was well uncatchable for even the best receivers in the league.

So the Panthers kept it alive, but worked once again to a third down, and it was a pass over the middle that was broken up by CB Will James, who didn't seem to make contact until the ball was there. It was another pass interference. Eventually, it was David Gettis who came up with an 18-yard touchdown reception after 49ers CB Nate Clements fell to the ground on a double move. After the extra point, the game is tied 10-10.

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