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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: FanHouse Doesn't Change Much For 49ers and Raiders

Fanhouse released their Week 7 NFL Power Rankings and the 49ers and Raiders did not see much in the way of change. Given the nature of the result that probably shouldn’t surprise many people. The 49ers got the win and should benefit, but it wasn’t such a strong win that it should have them skyrocketing. At the same time, the Raiders have been up and down all year and given that the 49ers were a perplexing 0-5 team, they shouldn’t plummet with the loss.

Oakland Raiders – 27

Bruce Gradkowski’s hurt. Now Jason Campbell’s hurt. If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Oakland, just wait until Kyle Boller gets a start in Denver on Sunday, if Campbell’s unable to go.

San Francisco 49ers – 29

Resting squarely on the hot seat, Mike Singletary managed to pull out a must-win game against Bay Area rival Oakland in Week 6. Was the victory a product of improved defensive play or the ineptitude of the Jason Campbell-led Raiders? Probably a little of both. San Francisco will look for another win this week against Carolina.

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