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Raiders-49ers: How The Matchups Matched Up

Leading up to this game we highlighted some matchups that we thought would be key, compelling and/or just worth watching. Here is a review of how those turned out.


Raiders: 2 INTs 2 fumbles 0 lost

49ers: O turnovers

Well, as we were saying, the winner of the turnover battle would probably win this game and they did. Alex smith was close to throwing a couple of INTs, but in the end he didn’t. Meanwhile, the Raiders had two INTs and also fumbled twice, but recovered both of them.

The first INT killed a drive and the second ended the game. It’s worth noting that the second INT wasn’t Campbell’s fault and it bounced between the 1 and 2 on Jacoby Ford’s chest.

Special Teams

The special teams were solid. All kickers involved did there job and the return men did as much as they could with what they had.

Zach Miller Versus 49ers Pass Defense

2 catches for 49 yards

The 49ers did an excellent job of keeping tabs on Zach Miller with a LB in front of him and a Safety in back of him. LB Manny Lawson did as good of job staying with Miller as anyone has all season and he made a great play to INT a Campbell pass.

Darrius Heyward-Bey versus Michael Crabtree

Bey: 3 catches for 19 yards
Crabtree: 4 catches for 57 yards and One touchdown

The Raiders did have Nnamdi Asomugha shadowing Michael Crabtree for most of the game. The key word there is most. The times that did not make it all, Crabtree made the most of it. Including a 32-yard touchdown reception.

Meanwhile, Darrius Heyward-Bey led the Raiders with three catches, but they only totaled 19 yards. Bey also had one sail through his hands.

49ers Run Defense Versus Raiders Run Offense

30 carries for 110 yards

The Raiders were determined to get the running game going and with absolutely zero threat of passing the ball the 49ers were ready for them. The rushing numbers looks even worse when you consider 43 of those yards were on a reverse to Louis Murphy.

The Raiders ran often behind the newly returned LG Robert Gallery, but Michael Bush failed to find many holes. The 49ers front seven were stout and held their ground.

Frank Gore vs Raiders Run Defense

25 carries for 149 yards

The Raiders had Gore bottled up for the first half and then he began to wear them down. He consistently was getting two or three yards while being tackled, then used his patience to break off a 64-yard run, which set up the second TD.

Raiders RBs vs 49ers pass D

Raiders RBs 2 catches for 12 yards

The 49ers had no problems containing the Raiders backs in the passing game. The Raiders didn’t seem to concerned on exploiting this matchup either.