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Crabtree Fined $2,500 For Late Hit

Niners wide receiver Michael Crabtree was fined $2,500 by the NFL on Friday after what the league deemed a late hit in the final seconds of the Niners 27-24 loss to the Eagles Sunday.

The play came when Eagles cornerback Trevard Lindley intercepted Alex Smith to end the game. Lindley ran about five yards then dropped to the ground to down himself. Crabtree proceeded to shoulder-slam Lindley on the ground, dislodging the ball and consequently dislodging a couple thousand dollars from his wallet.

In Crabtree's defense, he had a good excuse and his hit may have even been warranted given the circumstances.

"Nobody touched him," he said. "I was just trying to make a play. I didn't see nobody touch him, so I was just trying to hit him."

Crabtree had his best game of his career Sunday, catching nine balls for 105 yards and a touchdown and was targeted 14 times by Alex Smith. Unfortunately, the one target by the NFL is what will be lingering in his mind. Oh ya, and that 0-5 record.

Here's video of the play. Watch for it, watch for it...