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Zach Miller Versus 49ers Pass Defense

Here is everything you need to know about how good Zach Miller is: Even JaMarcus Russell could complete passes to him.

This year, Miller leads the Raiders in virtually every receiving category. He is also doing a lot of his damage in money time, i.e. 3rd downs and redzone. Miller is averaging 5.6 catches and 68 yards per game and he has three touchdowns.

Miller really helps the Raiders to keep drives alive. Many times this season he has caught the ball short of the first down and then either run around or though defenders to get the first down.

With Jason Campbell now being announced as the starting QB, Miller figures to be as key a factor in the Raiders passing game as ever. As David pointed out earlier, Jason Campbell has always like to throw to his tight ends.

This helps setup what I think is the most intriguing and best matchup of the game.

The 49ers have done a great job at defending opposing TEs. They are giving up 4.8 catches and 45.2 yards per game to TEs. They have yet to surrender over 50 yards to any single TE.

Numbers that look even better considering they have faced John Carlson, Brent Celek, Jeremy Shockey and Tony Gonzalez. In fact, the 49ers rank third in pass defense DVOA against TEs.

Check back to see what the 49ers have done to limit TEs production and what they may do to slow down Miller.