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49ers-Raiders: Frank Gore Versus Raiders Rush Defense

One of the strengths in recent years for the 49ers offense has been the running game. Even when the team has struggled, Frank Gore has found a way to make plays for the offense. He is struggling a bit in the rushing game this year (although cleaning up in total yards from scrimmage), but he remains a dangerous threat.

The Raiders rushing defense has had its struggles with opposing running games this year whether looking at traditional counting stats (31st in rushing yards allowed per game; 32nd in yards per rush allowed) or Football Outsiders more advanced metrics (24th against the rush).

The 49ers offense has been a work in progress this season with offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye fired and former QB coach Mike Johnson now entering his third game as offensive coordinator. The running game has had its ups and downs with the biggest problem against the Eagles being a pair of Gore fumbles. Whatever the case the Raiders would appear to be the cure for what ails Gore’s rushing totals.

How will the Raiders look to contain Gore and are the Raiders as bad as the numbers would indicate, or is there an explanation for the numbers?