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SB Nation Bay Area Sports Talk Radio Debuts Tonight At 8pm Pacific

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the more popular forms of expression on the Internet. Just like blogs, anybody can start one on any subject they want. Here at SB Nation Bay Area we thought it would be fun to start up a podcast discussing everything there is to discuss about Bay Area sports. Over at Blog Talk Radio anybody can start a podcast for free. The free option allows 15 or 30 minutes of broadcasting each day. They limit the hours you can broadcast (nothing between 4 and 8pm pacific time). However, the premium option removes a lot of these restrictions.

Due to our limited means, we've decided to start with the free 30-minute version. Raymond St. Martin and I are going to be your inaugural podcasters, but we hope to expand out to include other hosts. Our channel is based here, but tonight's show, airing at 8pm pacific, can be heard here. Additionally, after the jump I've embedded a player to listen to the podcast. Finally, you'll be able to come back and listen to the show after it has aired.

While discussing this idea, we decided that we could utilize the 30-minute limitation to really stretch our legs over multiple 30-minute podcasts each week. A one hour or two hour podcast can take time to develop and wear us down. However, with only 30 minutes we can focus in on a few issues rather easily.

Thanks to the all-encompassing nature of Bay Area sports, we've decided to split things up to a different sport and/or team each night. For tonight we'll be discussing this Sunday's Battle of the Bay between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. Tomorrow night we'll be discussing Giants baseball with McCovey Chronicles writer Grant. Friday will be a Sharks discussion. Starting next Monday, our plan is to have a 30-minute podcast every night of the week. We're working on the schedule and will get something figured out and posted as soon as possible.

For this first episode, I will warn you that it might not be the greatest thing ever produced given the fact that we really haven't practiced this all that much. After listening you might find yourself quoting the Washington owner from The Replacements, "I've seen monkey shit-fights at the zoo that are more organized than this." However it comes across, this will be fine to try out.

Also, if you have suggestions for a catchier title, we're all ears.

Listen to internet radio with SB Nation Bay Area on Blog Talk Radio