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Niners Claim Safety C.J. Spillman

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See, there are positives in everything. When you have an 0-5 record, you get first dibs on all waived players. Safety C.J. Spillman, who has played in 10 games for the San Diego Chargers the last two years on special teams, was waived after Week 5 by the Chargers, and the Niners promptly pounced. Spillman is expected to contribute on special teams for the Niners and is regarded as a solid special teams tackler. Who knows, maybe he'll take the starting free safety job from Dashon Goldson and Goldson will demand to be released...anything's possible at this point. Just think, if the Niners keep losing they can claim all the waived players they want.

To make room for Spillman, the Niners dropped cornerback/safety Tramaine Brock from Belhaven College. Poor Tramaine from Belhaven College never saw a defensive regular season snap. The Niners also released fullback Jehuu Caulcrick from the practice squad. Caulcrick had a reasonably solid preseason for the Niners. There is no word on why he was released (probably looked at Coach Singletary the wrong way).