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49ers Favored Against Raiders For Week Six Matchup

SB Nation's Oakland Raiders blog, Silver And Black Pride, noted in this fanshot that the 49ers are a 6.5 point favorite over the Raiders for their week six matchup at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. That's surprising in of itself considering the fact that the 49ers sit at 0-5 with problems and disarray throughout the organization top to bottom while the Raiders sit at 2-3, coming off a big divisional win over the San Diego Chargers in week five.


They're admittedly not in the best of shape, either, though. Tom Cable hasn't been doing the best of jobs with his scheming of late, and 2-3 isn't the most confidence-inspiring record you could have at this point. But the 49ers are an 0-5 football team, should they be favored that much over the Raiders?


Well, they would have been before the season, by a lot more than that, even. While the 49ers will continue to plummet down power rankings lists, you'll still see them be an odd-setter's nightmare and you'll still see their players make fantasy "start 'em," lists, because they still have the players there who were projected to make the Niners a top ten team this season. They may or may not have the playoffs in sight, but they are a team that has to be accounted for week-in and week-out. What do you think?