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49ers Miss Field Goal At The End Of First Half, Trail 17-10

The 49ers have certainly kept their infatuation with shooting themselves in the foot. After an impressive first drive that resulted in a touchdown, things quickly broke down on both sides of the ball.

Alex Smith threw a bad interception where wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. didn't even attempt to go up and get it, while the offensive line commits penalty after penalty. Smith is consistently under pressure and Frank Gore can't get much on offense. Michael Crabtree is the lone bright spot for the 49ers offense through one half.

On defense, they've given way to LeSean McCoy and have allowed quarterback Kevin Kolb to play an almost perfect game.

After hitting a 50-yard field goal, Joe Nedney missed on a 40 yarder at the end of the first half that would have made the game 17-13.

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