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49ers Starting Safety Not Making Trip To Atlanta

Your 2010 San Francisco 49ers: Now with at least 60% more drama!

It all started just a few short days ago, when a report surfaced that the 49ers would be making two notable defensive lineup changes: Takeo Spikes was to give way to NaVorro Bowman at the TED linebacker position and Michael Lewis was to give way to Reggie Smith, and this is a report that Singletary initially neither confirmed nor denied. He eventually went on to say that no lineup changes would be made, and it was to stay that way.

Then, the 49ers apparently told Lewis that they wanted to get rookie second-round pick Taylor Mays onto the field more. This upset Lewis, and he's asked for his release. The 49ers have yet to contact Lewis regarding the matter, from what I've heard, but he will not be on the plane to Atlanta. As I understand it, Lewis still would have been the starter on Sunday and perhaps going forward.

Either way, Lewis is very audibly upset. His agent says the relationship between the team and Lewis is irreparable, and that Lewis would not be with the team for the remainder of the 2010 season. No drama is good drama at this point for the 49ers, who have been in the news seemingly every week for some oddity or another. Kentwan Balmer was traded due to complaints, Glen Coffee retired, there was a rodent problem in the building and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye was fired.

While this is simply a lineup change and nothing more, Lewis is trying to make it into something much more than that, and it's working: the 49ers are going to make dramatic headlines again for their propensity to cling to drama and twists more than M. Night Shyamalan.

Safeties Reggie Smith and Taylor Mays will both likely get the majority of the playing time in Atlanta.