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Kings Offseason: Isaiah Thomas Not On Summer League Roster As Jimmer Fredette Will Run PG

According to the Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones, the Sacramento Kings are having a bit of an issue as to whom will be the point guard on their summer league team. Although nothing has been set in stone yet, it's looking like Jimmer Fredette will get the gig as point guard for the summer, meaning Issiah will have to keep himself busy elsewhere.

Per Jason Jones on Twitter:

Jones noted that having both of them on the squad would not behoove either one of them (or the summer league team for that matter) but Thomas will be in Las Vegas with the Kings anyway.

Thomas saw time in four more games last season than Fredette (65 compared to 61) averaging about seven minutes more (25.5 compared to 18.6) and about four points more than Fredette as well (11.5 compared to 7.6). Fredette certainly needs the time on the floor more than Thomas, whom the Kings are hoping will bud next season into the electric player he was at BYU.

Thomas and Fredette could provide quite the 1-2 punch at the guard position for the Kings, hopefully this summer leads them in that direction.

The NBA Summer League begins on July 13.

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