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Sacramento Kings Arena Plan B Finished

The Sacramento Kings arena plan died the moment the Kings ownership turned their back on Plan A. With the Maloofs seemingly unwilling to agree to a deal that would require them taking on a good portion of the financial burden, almost any plan between the owners of the Kings and the city of Sacramento seems to be highly unlikely.

Mayor Kevin Johnson tried to move on with the far unlikelier Plan B possibility to try and keep an arena project going, but it looks like this is also going up in smoke. James Ham of Cowbell Kingdom has more.

According to CBS 13 in Sacramento, AEG has informed Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson that they will not be involved in the effort to build a new arena in the railyards without an anchor tenant.

Plan B was a longshot at best after the Maloof family killed Plan A on April 27. Johnson had continued to promote a second option of building the new ESC either without an anchor tenant or by looking into other professional sports team options.

What happens from here remains to be seen. The Maloofs will either have to come forward with a deal that would either be equally beneficial or more so to the city or sell the team if the Kings plan on staying in Sacramento for the near future.

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