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Sacramento Kings Re-Sign Jason Thompson, More Offseason Deals Could Be Coming

The Sacramento Kings have been quiet in their hand this offseason, but they finally got one of their long-expected free agency moves done with by signing Jason Thompson. This has long been expected and Thompson figures to be part of a young and improving big man rotation that includes DeMarcus Cousins and Thomas Robinson. Sactown Royalty calculates the overall contract to be around five years and $30.5 million with 7.5% annual max raises.

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee believes this could be the moment when the Kings could begin making offseason moves.

With Jason Thompson officially signing with the Kings, the front office might be able to might have more freedom to make deals. Thompson's cap number for next season is about $5.25 million, but was more than $7 million when he was still under the RFA designation. That's why Kings would have had to renounce his rights to make a play at another free agent for big money.

The Kings do have a lot of positions they need to figure out. They still have no clear answer at small forward: John Salmons has been adequate but he's far from a long-term solution at the position. As surprising as Isaiah Thomas was in his first season, Sacramento probably wants more point guard depth. There are certain places they can go this offseason to address those needs, and they could very well pursue solutions to both of those problems without having to worry about breaking the bank on either player.

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