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2012 NBA Draft: Sacramento Kings Work Out John Henson, Like Bradley Beal

There is speculation the Sacramento Kings might end up dealing their draft pick even though they're in a prime spot at No. 5. But if they do pick someone, the Kings do have a lot of players they might be interested in taking at that spot.

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated has this to say on what the Kings have planned for the 2012 NBA Draft and who they might end up taking.

If the Cavs did indeed take Barnes -- in's first mock draft, I had them selecting Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal -- it would make things very interesting for Sacramento at No. 5 (which was Barnes' landing spot in my initial first-round forecast). I'm told the Kings have a similarly high opinion of Beal, like most teams do, but they're also overloaded with expensive wing scorers in Marcus Thornton (three years and $24.4 million remaining), Tyreke Evans (extension talks possible this summer and $5.2 million left in final season of deal in 2012-13) and John Salmons (two seasons and $15.5 million to go).

Scott Howard-Cooper might be giving an indication that the Kings could move their pick for the right price.

If the Kings aren't able to get Barnes, Beal seems like a very logical choice at that spot, as he is one of the most solid perimeter shooters out there. Henson could be an under-the-radar gem that really helps out the Kings with regards to their interior and overall team defense down the road. He isn't likely to be picked that high, so Sacramento might consider moving down to get a better deal and possibly pick up a player or additional picks.

Talk about who the Kings should take in the 2012 NBA Draft when you head over to Sactown Royalty.

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