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Jimmer Fredette Marriage Rehearsal Stirred UFO Sightings

Yes, this headline is real. And yes, this story is real.

So apparently when Jimmer Fredette and Whitney Wonnacott decided to get married, one of the ideas to be utilized during the ceremony was paper lanterns to light up the sky. Definitely very innovative, although there appeared to be one drawback to their idea. Raquel Villanueva of the Denver Post has more on the story (you can view it after the jump).

Paper lanterns released during a rehearsal dinner in Centennial on Thursday night confused nearby residents and stirred up UFO talk.

The rehearsal dinner was for the wedding of basketball player James "Jimmer" Fredette. He currently plays guard for the Sacramento Kings.

I'm not sure if the citizens of Denver are appreciative of this display (fires and all that), but it definitely is an inventive way for an NBA athlete to find his way into the headlines. At least we know Jimmer went all-out for his wedding!

Thanks to the Big Lead for their original report.

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