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NBA Draft 2012: Thomas Robinson To Meet With Kings Fans On Saturday

The Sacramento Kings appear to have struck gold once again at the NBA Draft, this time landing Kansas forward Thomas Robinson with the No. 5 pick in the first round. Just about everyone had Robinson going No. 2 overall in their mock drafts to the Charlotte Bobcats, but they elected to go elsewhere than the nation's most productive big man last season.

On Saturday afternoon, T-Rob will meet with the media and the fans. Where should you go to see the newest King?

You can see Robinson, head coach Keith Smart, and a few of the other players at the Arden Fair Mall at 3 p.m. You'll also find the Kings Dance Team and Breakers Team providing entertainment, as well. The team will set everything up in the plaza in front of Nordstrom, so get ready to battle old ladies for parking spots.

As for jersey sales, Robinson will wear No. 0, just like he did in college. Those uniforms are not yet available for sale, but they will be beginning this week.

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