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Sacramento Kings Like Thomas Robinson, Houston Rockets Pursuing No. 5 Pick Otherwise

The Sacramento Kings have dangled out the number five pick in the 2012 NBA Draft a lot. There's a good chance the players they really like will not be available for them, so they've considered moving it for the right deal.

The Houston Rockets have made some offers before, and it's quite possible that if Sacramento doesn't like the options available for them, they could be interested in what Houston has to offer. Chad Ford and Marc Stein of ESPN have the following update.

Trade talks between the Sacramento Kings and Houston Rockets have intensified in the hours leading up to Thursday night's NBA draft and have put the Rockets in position to acquire the Kings' No. 5 pick if Sacramento elects to trade it, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told the Kings plan to wait as long as possible before committing to the trade to see who falls to them at No. 5. It's believed that Sacramento will walk away from the trade if Kansas' Thomas Robinson is still available after four picks are made.

The reason the Rockets want the number five pick isn't to really pick anyone, but give the pieces the Orlando Magic desire so they can trade for Dwight Howard and somehow try and get him to stick around after next year.

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