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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Bill Simmons Has Sacramento Kings Taking Thomas Robinson

So much intrigue surrounds what the Sacramento Kings will do with their fifth pick in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft.

Bill Simmons and Chad Ford of Grantland released their latest mock, and it isn't very kind to the Kings and general manager Geoff Petrie, panning him for last year's trades on Draft Day and the construction of this current roster.

All that though, and Simmons has Petrie taking a guy that is probably close to a sure thing in Thomas Robinson from Kansas with the fifth pick.

You're right, this is crazy … let's just do something sane. With the fifth pick for Sacramento, I'm taking Thomas Robinson … a.k.a. the rich man's Carl Landry. Stick him with DeMarcus Cousins and, at the very least, you'll be pounding the boards and making opponents miserable every game. But if the Kings can get an offer like "Parsons and the 14th/18th picks" or "Rudy Gay straight up" or even "Andre Iguodala straight up" for this spot, they should grab it. You know, unless MKG is sitting there.

Ford seems to be optimistic on Robinson and pessimistic on Sacramento's ability to draft him.

Not only does he have an NBA body and athletic ability, but he's taller than everyone gave him credit for (so we can quit calling him undersized) and I think he plays as hard as anyone in the draft not named MKG. The Kings desperately need players like that, so, of course, this pick will never happen.

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