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Sacramento Kings Offseason: Tyreke Evans Being Shopped To Houston?

Various sources have waffled back and forth about whether or not the Houston Rockets have offered the Sacramento Kings the no. 14, no. 16 and Kyle Lowry for Tyreke Evans and the no. 5 pick in the NBA Draft.

A tweet from Draft Express says that Houston has made the offer and it's up to the Kings on whether or not to pull the trigger on the deal. But's Sam Amick also tweeted that the Rockets have not made the offer.

For the Rockets, the deal would be a step in the direction of trying to get the Orlando Magic to budge on a potential deal for Dwight Howard. But for the Kings, it would be a way to break up a roster full of guys who need the ball in their hands to be effective. Lowry is a bull on defense and would make a good combo with Isaiah Thomas at the point guard position. With the no. 5 pick, they could add another shooter or a big and continue to revamp their roster.

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